About sebrina parker

I am a freelance wearer of many hats.

I have spent my professional career suffering from a dabbling problem. With diverse interests and a passionate personality, my work has mirrored my life.

Planning my wedding ignited my love for stationery and I spent several years designing and assembling bespoke wedding and event invitation suites.

My childbearing years saw me certify as a doula and primarily help other birth workers develop their branding and promotional materials.

As my kids entered school, my attention turned to education and working with curriculum developers to design beautiful and engaging textbooks for their students.

Throughout this time, my passion projects include illustrating surface patterns and creating interactive workbooks in the solopreneur and self-help markets.

I approach everything I do with the goal of making ideas spark.

“I work my inspiration

til I find a spark of life in it

I draw on it

I siphon it

I earn my multi-hyphenate.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda



Combine, Texas

{a Dallas suburb}

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